Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movie Snack/ Hummus and Popcorn

So my husband and I LOVE to watch movies. Since our son has been born we have not been able to go to the theatres like we used to so now we have been getting our monies worth of Netflix. To recreate the movie feeling we of course need to have popcorn, but being a vegan makes store bought microwave popcorn out of the question. This is a good thing though because the amount of butter and salt added on store bought popcorn makes them very fattening. So what we do in my home is pop our own popcorn.

I buy the kernels from the store and follow the package directions to make our own popcorn. It very simple and quick to make (oil and kernels. Heat the oil. Add the kernels. Watch the popping fun) Plus I can add our own toppings which usually includes a little salt and nutritional yeast.

I am switching it up a little tonight by making the popcorn along with homemade hummus.

I will write a blog on my LOVE of nutritional yeast and hummus in the following blogs but until then try it and enjoy!!

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