Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nature Outside My Window

I love nature. I know that some people like looking at art. Some architecture, some at fashion. But me, I love to look at natural art. The green trees and grass. Squirrels and birds. And Flowers. So the thing that sold me when moving into my current apartment was the beautiful view from my living window of gorgeous trees. They provide shade, they provide privacy, and they provide an endless amount of entertainment (and frustration) for my cat in the form of animals that he can't catch, but that he can look at and dream about eating. Another thing that these trees provide, are a reminder of the beauty of the changing of the seasons. I live in the Midwest so I get all 4 seasons every year and I wanted to share all 4 of them with you. Enjoy!




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1 comment:

  1. That changes that occur to that particular tree are really nice to look forward to every season. I laughed at the part about your cat having fun and being frustrated with the animals he couldn't reach.

    Sandra Ludwig