Friday, November 25, 2011

What do vegans eat for Thanksgiving?

Food silly!!!

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family for the first time yesterday. It was vegan of course so I had to make it extra special as this holiday is especially know for the eating of a beautiful dead bird.

So what did I make?

1. Jerk seitan (with homemade seitan) from The cookbook "Vegan with a Vengeance"

2. Sweet Potato and lentil stew from the cookbook "A Kind Diet"

3. Rice

4. Yuca

5. And for dessert  (which is my favorite meal of the day) Pumpkin Cheesecake from the cookbook "The Joy of Vegan Baking".

All I can say was YUMMY. I am glad that I wore leggings as I had to be rolled into the living room for after dinner game night :-)

What vegan goodness graced your table this Thanksgiving?

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  1. This whole meal looked yummy! For my family's first vegan thanksgiving I attempted to entice them with stuffed mushrooms, apple walnut dressing and homemade apple pie vegan style. Didn't sit well with the meat eaters, but I smiled all the way home!

  2. That meal sounds yummy as well. Thanksgiving is a tough meal to win meat eaters over with because the holiday is all about eating and it is usually about eating Turkey. Congrats on your first vegan Thanksgiving and I hope that we both have many more.