Friday, March 23, 2012

Develop your vegan routine

My son sharing his Tofurkey with the cat. Nothing to do with routine. It's just cute :-)

When you become a parent you learn about the importance of a routine for your child. You learn that your child needs routine, stability, and they need to know what comes next. A routine minimizes anxiety, increases a child's self-confidence, and let's a child feel as though they have some self of control over their life and day.

When we become adults, routine turns into a negative thing. We don't want to become " stuck in a rut",  become predictable, or worse boring. But changing is hard. No matter how hard we try to tell ourselves differently, we do find comfort in routine.

One of the hardest things about becoming a vegan for me was having to step out of my routine. Becoming a vegan means not only changing your diet, but it also means your lifestyle and your traditions. It's scary and it's overwhelming and it is a continued challenge to not turn back into your comfort zone, especially when everyone around you is expecting and waiting for you to. It means sometimes speaking up when all you want to do is keep silent. It means continuing to educate yourself about abuse when all you want to do is forget and be ignorant. It means rethinking all that you thought was true or the right way to do things and it means examining habits that you never even thought about.

Continue to learn and grow so that a vegan and compassionate lifestyle becomes your new comfort zone. Develop your routine of reading labels and learning the various name for animals products. Try different vegan personal care lines and find one that gives you confidence that you are helping animals, the earth and yourselves.

Find comfort in your vegan routine and become stuck in a rut :-)

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