Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mateo is turning 2!!

His 1st b-day cake made by yours truly-tastes better than it look :-)

Where has the time gone? My little man is turning 2 in a couple of weeks. YIKES!!! I wanted to have a farm theme since he is me and my hubby's "farm baby", but my young man is really into cars so it will be a car theme. Nothing big or fancy just family and pizza. Luckily he is still at that age where he does not really care about all that extra stuff. Pizza and cake will suffice for him.

Two is also a big year because there will be new milestones hit. We get to turn his car seat around to forward facing, we will be buying his first potty, and sometime during this year he will be starting daycare. Next he will be off to college and leaving me :-(

One thing that won't change is my continued focus on raising a compassionate and caring young man. I want him to love learning and I want him to see the world. I want to teach him to go after his dreams and to not let fear stop him. I want him to know that being a man does not mean using his power to control those weaker than him, it means sticking to his word and being a voice for those with none.

I love you baby!!!

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