Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Annual Chicago Veggie Parade/YouTube Video

Yeah!!! I am so excited..The International Veggie Pride Parade is coming to Chicago and I am on the planning committee :-)

Ok so backstory.....While I was interning at the farm in '09 I had heard about the veggie pride parade that was held in New York. Then I also heard about the one that is held in Los Angeles and I thought to myself why isn't there one in Chicago? It is a big city with a large veggie community, where is our parade? I then got the grand idea that I should host one. After I began to see how much work that would be especially since I have no experience even organizing anything larger than my husband's suprise birthday party, I tabled that idea.

Fast forward 2.5 years and I was searching online in my ChicagoVeg meetup group and viola I see a meetup for the planning committee for the first ever Chicago Veggie Pride Parade!! My dream has come true.

The parade is on June 2, 2012 in Grant Park at noon. It is going to be tons of fun with guest speakers, a costume contest, and socializing with the veggie community. I am on the outreach and fundraising committee, more specifically I co-wrote the press release (a first for me) and I am helping to ensure that as many media outlests as possible report about this parade. I also am helping to raise money to make sure that we can pay for the parade.

I am working with a very talented, diverse, and hardworking group of people to ensure that this parade is a success. I am stepping outside of my confort zone to use this opportunity to try new skills and learn new assessts (like PR). And yes it is an ENORMOUS amount of work and takes TONS of time to put on an event like this, but I am so glad that I am able to take part.

So if you find yourself in Chicago on June 2nd feel free to join us in "Celebrating the Lifestyle"!

**For volunteering/sponsorship opportunities or for general information please visit www.VeggiePride.com/Chicago** (click on the video on the main page to watch the promotional video "I am CVPP" my son and I are in it)

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