Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seven things you probably didn't know about me ...

Ok so I guess it's my turn....

One of the best things about reading blogs (and watching reality shows) is being able to get a peek into another person's life with whom you may have never met. That is why I LOVE this tag and I am so happy that ChubbyVeganMom passed on the "One Lovely Blogger" award to me and invited me to share my secrets (and of course read hers ;-)

So the rules are simple....let the rest of the blogging community know what blogger nominated you (and share link to them), then list seven wonderful facts about yourself that your readers probably don't know. Then, nominate anywhere from five to 15 of the bloggers you stalk...I mean follow... for the award.

So here are the 7 things that you did not know about me.

1. I do not know how to swim...I know it's sad, but some how I got through high school swimming without actually learning how to swim. I can doggie paddle, but I doubt that skill will help me if the boat that I am on sinks.

2. I was Miss Belize USA 97-99. Yes people I was a pageant girl. Ok now to be honest that sounds much cooler than it actually was. Although that pageant ended with USA it should have been called Miss Belize Chicago since I only attended events in Chicago. Also I only keep the crown for two years because they did not have enough girls to compete after my first year.
   2a. I act like winning was not a big deal but it was AWESOME. I had the best time and I did   love the attention that I received whenever I spoke at an event with my sash and crown on.

3. I can literally fall asleep anywhere. I have been told that I am like the cartoons. As soon as my head hits the pillow I am out. I actually remember a time when I was a child and I feel asleep standing up on a crowded bus. My biggest fear is insomnia.

4. Pigeons are one of my favorite animals and I feel that they get a bad rap. Do you know that they are basically doves? And how can you not respect an animal that is not at all scared of humans. In Chicago we have heat lamps at public transportation stops in the winter and the pigeons will crowd together under the lamp to stay warm. If a person tries to squeeze in to get a little heat do you think the pigeons move. NOPE. They just roll their pigeon eyes at you and they keep on chillin.

5. I act like it drives me crazy to still carry my 27 pound toddler around, but I love it. He will not be this small forever and sooner or later all the affection that his mami gives him will no longer be cool, so for now he can be my spoiled little baby :-)

6. I love the New Kids on the block. I have been obsessed with them since I was in grade school. I had the dolls, all of the tapes (yes I said tapes), the pajamas, their shower curtains, room curtains, watch, trading cards, you name it I had it...When they came out older and still HOT you bet your bottom dollar that my butt was at their concert screaming like a teenage girl. ..I LOVE YOU JOEY!!!!

7.  I day dream about winning PETA's sexiest vegetarian next door contest. Maybe this will be my year.

Now it is time to pass on the torch. I invite these 5 bloggers to share their secrets.

  • DulceCandy (this lady is serious about fashion and I love to be inspired by her)
  • Leo Flowers ( he is my brother and he is a comedian. Need I say more?)
  • Border Hammer (she is too funny, has great fashion sense, and is the friend that you want to have)
  • Cosmetic Couturier (Another vegan beauty guru. I love watching her videos)
  • Peeks (because I LOVE her accent and watching her videos on her natural hair journey)
  • And anyone else for that matter....leave a comment below and/or a link to your "Seven Things" blog post 
I can not wait to read/learn more about you ;-)

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