Tuesday, May 21, 2013

4 years Vegan!!

Nikki pig and I

I was sitting down the other day, thinking about the upcoming Chicago Veggie Pride Parade (June 1st in Grant Park!!!). About how much fun I will have meeting new people, spending time with friends and family, and celebrating my veganism. Of course that lead me to reminisce about when I first became vegan at the Farm Sanctuary....wait for it...4 years ago June 1st!!

Holy CRAP!!!! I have been a vegan for 4 years (vegetarian for 6 years in August). I can not believe it. I remember when I first decided that I would take the jump to become a vegan. I had thought about it for a long time (just like before I became vegetarian) and when I was accepted in the Farm Sanctuary internship program I knew that this would be the time for me to make the change. Who knew that 4 years later I would be so involved in the vegan community. Who knew that I would be a vegan mentor to so many people? Who knew that my eating/lifestyle habits would become a catalyst for people to examine their own relationship to animals used for food?  Who knew that I could give up nachos at the movies?

I am so happy and proud of that decision that I made years ago. Life is a little bit clearer when you begin to live your life aligned with your beliefs and my moral objection to using animals for food, clothes, etc. always has and always will be my reason for my veganism.

I am so excited about the next 4, 10, 20 and more years of my vegan journey. I have a son who I look forward to educating about this important aspect of my life. I plan to instill in him compassion for himself, other people, animals and the planet.

 I look forward to growing my vegan army. Living my life in a manner that influences people to adopt this lifestyle as a means to better their health, protect our environment, and save lives.

I look forward to aligning myself with the Farm Sanctuary. This organization has made a such HUGE impact on me! The Farm is my happy place. When I am having a bad day I just think of the beautiful landscape with 100s of animals and it makes me smile. I look forward to taking my son there and having him get chased by roosters. I do not know how this will happen, but I am into speaking things into existence.

I also look forward to writing an article(s) for VegNews Magazine. Same as above I do not know how but I speak it with the faith that the opportunity will arise.

Most importantly, I look forward to continuing to save the life of hundreds of farm animals every year by choosing to eat with compassion.

Thank you for continuing to follow me on my journey. I hope that you are enjoying the ride as much as I am.


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