Monday, September 2, 2013

Food Glorious Food!!!

The best day of the week has surely got to be grocery day. The day when all the planning, budgeting, and deal hunting is done. When you can finally drag your reusable bags up the stairs, put all of the groceries away, open up your fridge and stock it with food.

My grocery shopping is basically done in three stages. I first look to see what food I have left. I then plan a weeks worth of menus around what I currently have. Finally I do my shopping at just two stores Food 4 Less and Whole Foods. Food 4 Less carries more reasonably priced items and Whole Foods of course for my vegan staples (such as nutritional yeast and vegan ice cream). I currently do not have a car, so although I would enjoy adding variety to my store its not really as feasible on public transportation.

Lucky for me a Trader Joe's is opening up in my neighborhood this week (right next to my local Whole Foods) so I can add that to the mix. One place I regretfully do not shop at enough are my local farmers markets. My neighborhood has one every Saturday and Wednesday morning. They are both great farmers markets and I love being able to actually speak with and ask questions of the people who grown my food, but my Saturday mornings are usually reserved for Arbonne trainings and cartoons with my son. This is one area that I am going to make a change in.

Where are your favorite places to shop for vegan goodies?

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