Friday, February 14, 2014

Moving past your Comfort Zone

"Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone."-Neale Donald Walsch

After four years of being a vegan, I have pretty much developed my vegan comfort zone. I know what vegan clothes, restaurants, and makeup I like. I know how to read ingredients, and I know where to shop, and I have my vegan ideas made up. So with the theme of 2014 being getting outside of my comfort zone, I decided to start with food.

One day I was walking around my neighborhood trying to decided where to eat lunch, I came across a new Indian restaurant that was having a lunch special. There was a long line of people and I love Indian food so I walked in to check out the menu. As the door closed behind me, my comfort zone alarm went off. "What if the food is not good", "What if it costs more then the special said?", "What if there are not vegan options?", "Do I feel like trying something new today?", "Maybe I should just go to my favorite restaurant." After leaving the restaurant without trying anything and almost walking a block away I stopped myself. Isn't this experience exactly what I had promised myself to try this year. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Try something new. Move past comfort?

I turned myself around, walked right into that resultant, ordered one of their few vegan options, and sat down to eat. The food was ok (I have better Indian food) but the point was I did not listen to those voices that told me new is not good. Now I know eating at a new restaurant is not the bravest most outrageous thing that you could do, but a small step towards a new adventure is still a step.
Each day I seek out the thing the things that make me nervous and I pushed myself to do them. Whether is talking to a new person, taking a class, speaking up, getting rid of people or ideas that no longer serve me, or just doing something as simple as walking a different way to work. Each thing move me out of my comfort zone and into a new life.

How have you moved outside of your comfort zone today?

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