Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What’s for Dinner: Heaven!!

Last year for Thanksgiving I decided to do something different. I took my son out and I ate my first vegan dinner in a restaurant with one of my good friends. We decided to dine at Native Foods Café which serves a Thanksgiving meal that is only offered at select restaurants. The food that they cook during this meal is only available during Thanksgiving and is served buffet style so you are able to eat until you explode on vegan goodness.

They served mushroom shallot gravy, mashed potatoes, native stuffing, green bean casserole (excuse me…the BEST green bean Casserole EVER), green salad, polenta butternut squash terrine, Waldorf salad, cornbread, pumpkin cheese cake and pie! The food was so good, the people (the employees and the other customers) were so friendly and the mood was perfect for a great Thanksgiving meal.

Please always ask me what food do I miss the most? The answer is none. With great vegan food like this what’s to miss?

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