Monday, August 11, 2014

My name is Leolin and I am a pizzaholic!

Me @ Blaze Pizza

So I have a problem and I am not ashamed to say it. I LOVE pizza! What is known as the breakfast of college kids everywhere, continues to be my meal of choice as an adult. People ask me all the time how can I eat pizza if I can't eat cheese and I smile and think, "If you only knew." I guess after reading this post you will know and hopefully you'll take me out for a slice as a reward.

I wrote a post called "What's for dinner? (Papa Johns) in 2011 that continues to be one of my most popular posts. I talked about my love for their garden fresh pizza with no cheese extra sauce. Since then I have expanded my pizza options to include Whole Foods, Blaze Pizza, and Dimos and I am always on the lookout more options.

Each of these three options offers their own pros. Whole Foods is convenient, reasonably priced, and allows you to buy their vegan pizza by the slice or as a whole pizza. The locations close to me uses Daiya cheese which is my favorite vegan cheese, but they do not always offer vegan cheese so I would call ahead. The last time I ate there, they did not have a vegan pizza available by the slice, but the very nice employee must have seen the sadness and hunger in my eyes and made made me one.

Philly Cheese-stake and Mac-N-Cheese @Dimos!

Elotes pizza @ Dimos

Dimos offers vegan pizza by the slice, but they do not carry your typical flavors. With flavors like Elotes, Philly cheesesteak and mac-n-cheese be prepared to step outside of your pizza comfort zone. Also for every 10 slices you buy, you receive your 11th for free and the only thing I love better than vegan pizza is free vegan pizza!

Blaze Pizza has locations across the country. What I like is that they only serve personal size pizza's and for a reasonable price you can get your pizza with any topics you like. They offer Daiya cheese as well and at least at the locations close to me, they will offer to change their gloves after handling the meats and cow's cheese. If you are lucky enough to live close to one on the day of their grand opening they give away free pizzas. (There goes that free word again!)

When in doubt you can always make your own pizza at home. Buy a pre-made pizza crust, some pizza sauce, and your favorite topics and make it a pizza and movie night.

Where is your favorite place to eat vegan pizza?


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