Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm Getting my Masters!!!

Guess who got accepted in the Masters Program in Humane Education from the Institute of Humane Education? That's right this lady!!

This is an awesome accredited program that looks at the interconnection between animal and environmental protection and human rights. It gives us the skills to think critically about these issues and help people to become changemakers! And the best part is that it is a distance learning program through Valparaiso University, which means that any student in any country can obtain this degree and still work full time as need be.

I just began classes in August and it is a two year program if taken full term (you can also take it part time). You can get your Masters of Arts or Education or even a certificate in Humane Education.

I am sooo excited about the material that I am learning and the connections that I am developing with my classmates. It has already began to challenge me and my thoughts as well as my habits and I am look forward to sharing with you on this journey.

So if I can not post as much as I used I used to you know why.

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