Sunday, July 26, 2015

Welcome to my YouTube channel: No Box Needed

If you wait until the perfect time, You will wait forever to begin.

I have had a couple of YouTube channels in my social media lifespan. I wanted to jump back in, but I wanted to wait until "the right time". When I had a better camera, when I had the perfect background, when I got more sleep, when my blog reached a certain number of followers, etc. You know what happens though when you wait until the perfect time? You wait FOREVER because time is never perfect. Sometimes you just have to prepare as much as possible, then just jump in adjusting the sails as you go.  

I hope that you enjoy my new YouTube channel. The same great topics of learning to live an authentic life, but in a different media. Like, subscribe, and share and lets find out what it means to live life outside the box together!!!

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