Saturday, October 24, 2015

What are boundaires and why you need to get some

If you checked out my last video then you know that I just finished reading a book called Boundaries. Boundaries are the line that lets you know what you are responsible for and what others are responsible for. My basic responsibilities are my body, emotions, health, and finances.

What I am not responsible for are other people's emotions, other people's finances, and other people's comfort with what I decide for myself.

When you start to put up boundaries you will probably feel some resistance from others and even from yourself!! If you have never said the word no or if you have never said what you wanted, then people will probably feel uncomfortable with the fact that you are finally doing so. Be strong! Living outside of the box takes some growth and pushing. The box is a tightly taped and getting out of it may requires some scissors and pulling at the tabs.

Watch my latest video and let me know what boundaries issues that you are currently dealing with.


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