Thursday, December 17, 2015

What I pray for.......

When I was younger, I used to pray for things.
For more money, to be skinnier, A's in class, a hot boyfriend.
I use to pray for things to be handed to me. That I would just wake up and what I wanted to be there.

Now I pray for integrity, strength, and patience.

I pray that I can have the integrity to do what is right, all the time. Even when no one is looking. Even when other's say that it is okay to do wrong.

I pray that I have the strength to live my life to the fullest. To swim against the stream of mediocrity. To keep my head down and go to work, even if other's think that I am not strong or smart enough. Even when I doubt myself.

I pray for the patience to see the results of the fruit of my labor.
Getting out of debt, building wealth, building a brand, getting in shape, being a great parent/friend/wife/daughter takes time and I need patience for the long haul. I pray that I am able to give up what I want "NOW" for what I want most.

I pray that I am able to show up to my greatness. Fully, present, and ready :-)

What do you pray for?


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