Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dating while in debt

This world would be a much better place if more married couples were as deeply in love as they are in debt- Earl Wilson
One of the most interesting experiences that I have to negotiate as a single woman is dating while in debt. I am always mindful of the places that I go on dates because although I am an old fashion lady (meaning that I believe that guys should pay for the first date(s)) I wouldn't expect or want to be taken to a place where I couldn't at least pay for myself. That got me to thinking about how difficult it can be to date while in debt. Where do you take someone and what do you do if your entertainment budget in slim?

In order to prevent you from another Netflix and chill night, I wanted to give you some great ideas for dates that are fun and budget friendly.*

1. Free days at your local museum #proudnerd
2. A good old fashioned picnic
3. Why don't you Dabble in something new? 
4. Free concerts in the park
5. Try a coffee "date" before a dinner date. It cost less and gives you time to feel out if you actually have a spark with a person. If all goes well you could invite them to dinner afterward. Because let's be honest. We can usually tell if we have a connection with someone within the first 20 minutes right! 
6. Take a walk along the beach. It's romantic and good exercise.
7. Free dance lessons
8. Go to the theater earlier in the day as the movie price is usually cheaper. 
9. Check out your local library to see if there are any interesting speakers visiting.
10. Organize a game night with friends. Bring along my favorite game Taboo and get ready for a fun night!
11. Or maybe you might make the decision to not date while you are getting out of debt.

Tell me what are your favorite places to go on dates that are fun, engaging, and budget friendly? Then check out on Youtube video on "Dating while in debt".


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*I know that most of my links are for Chicago locations, but that is why Google is our friend. 

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