Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I will say "no" to in 2016?

"Focus is about saying No"-Steve Jobs

I could take a note or two from my 5-year-old son. He has no problem saying no.

Do you want to eat dinner-No
Do you want to go to sleep-No
Do you want to share your candy with Mommy-No
Can I have a kiss-No

The list goes on! But do you know what does not go on? My son feeling any guilt about his no. If I tell someone no the "nice" side of me sends me on a nice one way trip to guilt town.

No is a very important, but very unappreciated word. No one likes to say it and no one really likes to hear it. My inability to say "no" has caused me to keep people in my life longer than needed, has caused me to incur a lot of debt, and has caused me to spread my attention on too many activities which don't create good momentum or success.

So while most people's New Years resolutions are about saying "Yes" more, mine are about saying "No" more. Here are 10 things that I will say no to in 2016.

1. No to negative self-talk
2. No to accepting that debt is a part of life
3. No to thinking that I have to retire at 65
4. No to feeling guilty of thinking about myself first 
5. No to writing for free (fuck you pay me)
6. No to living how everyone thinks I should live
7. No to continuing my position at The Vegan Woman (good times, but time to focus on my brand)
8. No to playing the victim
9. No to closing my heart to love
10. No to bad relationships. Whether they be romantic, friendship, working, or family.

Saying no makes rooms in your life for your "yeses".

Leave a comment below and let me know what you will say no to in 2016.


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