Saturday, January 14, 2017

Today's Random Thoughts

I wonder if people in "cave man" days were happier? Their lives may have been physically harder, but mentally I wonder if they were happier. They lived closer to their families, they had to work together, they didn't have to do busy work, they were self-reliant, they weren't so bombarded with meaningless distractions that clogged up space in their mind they couldn't hear a whisper from God. 

We now live longer, are able to travel more, can have damn near have anything we want and we are as violent, depressed and unhappy as ever. Humans barely love themselves so how can we expect them to love each other? 

I got this book from the library about a man who lives without money. Isn't that an interesting thought? To live free from of the trappings of this world. To be self-reliant. To have relationships based on authentic connection and not just based on what someone can do for you. To have enough space in your mind to let God work on you in the way that he does when your mind is not filled with meaningless and valueless distractions.

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